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Possible 2019 KCA 12 Hour Course


As I understand the KCA 12 hour course starts near Brenzett, then goes up the A2070 to Cloverleaf roundabout (junction of the A2070 and A2040) south of Ashford.  Retrace to Brenzett RAB.  Right on B2080 to Appledore; Left (immediately AFTER Appledore Bridge) along Military Canal to Rye.  Through Rye and left at mini RAB on A 259 toward Brenzett.  You do two of these laps.  Not certain but suspect you will turn at Brookland RAB (just before Brenzett) and retrace along A259 to East Guldeford.  You turn Left along Camber Road; through Camber and the outskirts of Lydd to Romney Road.  Follow this to Hammonds Corner which is the junction of the A259.  Left to Brenzett then Left to Brookland.  You repeat this 6 times(?).  The finishing circuit is straight over at Brenzett RAB, along B2080 to Appledore BUT you turn Left before Appledore Bridge.  There is a small Lane that cuts across the Marsh and rejoins the A259 before Brookland (Phillipine Village) Left through Brookland RAB to Brenzett then Left and repeat.

Here is my best guess of the course based on the various discussions this year.  It maybe wrong as I have not seen the course or Risk Assessment.  I don't know where the start will be but it will be close to Brenzett.

Google Maps Course here

Posted by Webmaster on 23 August 2019


12 Hour Website

The intention is to migrate the KCA 12 For website to the main KCA site. This site will eventually disappear.

Thank you for your support over the years.Esther

Posted by webmaster on 24 June 2019


2019 Event

The KCA are aiming to run the 12 hour on 8 September 2019. The event details are on the CTT website here

Posted by Webmaster on 8 June 2019


2017 Event

The 2017 event is planned for Sunday 25th June. This is much earlier and we hope will avoid many of the issues from previous years. It is close to the longest day so no issues over lights. The school holidays have not started so reducing the risk of major congestion at Camber.

Don't forget the course is slightly different to 2015.

Posted by Webmaster on 3 February 2017


2016 Event cancelled

Due to a lack of marshals and other helpers Esther and the KCA committee have agreed to cancel this year's event. Hopefully it will be back in 2017

Posted by Webmaster on 17 July 2016


2016 Course

You can follow the 2016 course on MapMyRide at

Please note that the MapMyRide course only covers 190 miles to the finishing circuit. Some riders will complete additional circuits around Camber and will end up with a higher distance to the Finishing Circuit

Posted by Webmaster on 31 May 2016


2016 KCA 12 Hour Course

There have been some minor amendments to the 2016 KCA 12 Hour course. The event starts in Bull Lane and turns at Singleton RAB (Not Ashford Matalan). Riders will then Turn at Kingsnorth 1 (also known as Park Farm, and esco RABs) retrace to the top of Ham Street Hill and follow the link road to join the A2070 northward. They will then ride to Cloverleaf where they turn and join the previous course. Revised distances are on the CTT South East District courses page. We will be updating this site shortly with the full details.

Posted by Webmaster on 29 March 2016


Result not yet In

You can see the provisional result on the results page

Posted by Webmaster on 3 September 2015


Event Photographs

I have uploaded Albums for 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 events. You can access

  • 2008 here
  • 2009 here
  • 2011 here
  • 2013 here
  • 2015 here
  • I hope to upload more albums over the coming weeks and also link to photographs of individual riders

    Posted by Webmaster on 1 September 2015


    Result not yet In

    Sorry but as ever the result takes a while to collate. There are pictures on Flickr of the event. You can see them here.

    There are also some from 2009 in an album here

    Posted by Webmaster on 29 August 2015