RESULT for the 1991 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

M R Whitehead V.C. Deal
B R Philips Leo R.C.
L P Martin San Fairy Ann C.C.
P C Jackson C.C. Bexley
J F Green Catford C.C.
C J Bax Thanet R.C.
P R Langford Wigmore C.C.
M Broyad Thanet R.C.
G M Allen Thames R.C.
P D Saynor Dartford Wheelers
D J Brewer West Kent R.C.
R M Woods C.C. Bexley
R W Loader Sydenham Wheelers
E Mackey Medway Velo Club
D Pike Folkestone and District C.C.
D R Mackey Medway Velo Club
K J Burden Apollo R.T.
P G Smith West Kent R.C.
J McGruddy C.C. Bexley
R J Percival 34th Nomads C.C.
I Finch C.C. Bexley
J Hawkridge San Fairy Ann C.C.
A S Clarke V.C. Deal
C K Rock Gemini B.C.
J R Haddock Gemini B.C.
T Wakefield C.C. Bexley
P Panagi Hastings and St.Leonards C.C.
R G Chambers Gemini B.C.
K G W Young V.C. Deal
J G Bishop Sheppey Eagles
P Holland Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
B T Briggs Apollo R.T.
M A Neve Thanet R.C.
S P Sharp C.C. Bexley
M Sinclair Weybridge Wheelers C.C.
J Dalton T.A. London East


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