RESULT for the 1988 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

R Palin San Fairy Ann C.C.
M Vowells San Fairy Ann C.C.
R Manser San Fairy Ann C.C.
S Clark Thanet R.C.
M Kruse V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
D Wright Medway Velo Club
J Brown Gravesend C.C.
D Brewer West Kent R.C.
A Dann West Kent R.C.
M Smith Maldon and District C.C.
G Haller Thanet R.C.
D Pike Folkestone and District C.C.
P Holland Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
J Haddock Gemini B.C.
A Dade T.A. London East
L Coomber Thanet R.C.
J Bishop Sheppey Eagles
K Herbert Annerley B.C.
J Read Annerley B.C.
N Pucknell Ashford Wheelers C.C.
C Ashcroft West Kent R.C.
E Mackey Medway Velo Club
M James Ashford Wheelers C.C.
M Dunn Catford C.C.
P Buckley Medway Velo Club
A Roling Wigmore C.C.
P Lloyd Gravesend C.C.
S Charlton (Miss) Annerley B.C.
D Heighway C.C. Bexley
K Playfoot Ashford Wheelers C.C.
D Saffrey Thanet R.C.
A Smith Annerley B.C.
L Smith West Kent R.C.
J Thorpe V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
G Waterfield West Kent R.C.
A Winchester (Miss) Eastbourne Rovers C.C.
G Newby Ashford Wheelers C.C.
R Merrill T.A. London East
P Mepham V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
G Lewis Hounslow and District Wheelers
J Laker Ashford Wheelers C.C.
W Finch C.C. Bexley
M Davis Gravesend C.C.
J Clifford Thanet R.C.
R Bailey Redhill C.C.
C Worsfold Leo R.C.


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