RESULT for the 1982 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

D Maund V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
B Birch V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
P Claxton Oxford University
J Kirby Oxford University
J Laker Ashford Wheelers C.C.
R Mills Thanet R.C.
C Robson Eastbourne Rovers C.C.
K Salter Thanet R.C.
S Taylor Woolwich C.C.
C Cowlard Wigmore C.C.
P Swetman East Surrey R.C.
I Murray Redmon C.C.
A Farmer Ashford Wheelers C.C.
M Ellis Dartford Wheelers
J Kruse Dartford Wheelers
G Scullion R.A.F. C.C.
A Ellis V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
A Brooks Hastings and St.Leonards C.C.
A Mayes Ashford Wheelers C.C.
M Dowd Gemini B.C.
N Senechal Oxford University
L Smith West Kent R.C.
I Landless Lewes Wanderers C.C.
J Bishop Sheppey Eagles
D Chisnell Gemini B.C.
G Law Thanet R.C.
G Hewett West Kent R.C.
B Gifford Thanet R.C.
W Harvey West Kent R.C.
J Hambrook Thanet R.C.
M Badham C.C. Breckland
J Dakin (Miss) C.C. Breckland
M Henighan Diss and Dist Whs
E Mackey Medway Velo Club
D Upton Folkestone and District C.C.
F Ford San Fairy Ann C.C.
A Smith Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
P Roberts Thanet R.C.
M Pitches San Fairy Ann C.C.
R Parham Folkestone and District C.C.
E Olechnowicz Clarencourt C.C.
T McHale Ashford Wheelers C.C.
R Long Diss and Dist Whs
M Groves Ashford Wheelers C.C.
B Doherty Thanet R.C.
T Collins Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
J Clifford Thanet R.C.
S Carpenter Hastings and St.Leonards C.C.
R Brimstead San Fairy Ann C.C.
P Benstead Catford C.C.
D Bardoe Gravesend C.C.
J Allen Thanet R.C.
B Woodruff (Mrs) Thanet R.C.


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