RESULT for the 1976 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

P McVey Folkestone and District C.C.
K Ratcliffe Thanet R.C.
L Maxted Thanet R.C.
R Crayford Gravesend C.C.
R Difelice Medway Velo Club
A Black Folkestone and District C.C.
B Vaughan Wigmore C.C.
M Vowells San Fairy Ann C.C.
F Duerden San Fairy Ann C.C.
P Stubbs Catford C.C.
K Ray Kingston Phoenix R.C.
R Parham Ashford Wheelers C.C.
D Upton Folkestone and District C.C.
H Mills Thanet R.C.
A Mayes Ashford Wheelers C.C.
A Nye Ashford Wheelers C.C.
J Kruse Dartford Wheelers
P Wall Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
T Jackson Gemini B.C.
P Benstead Catford C.C.
K Ballard South Eastern R.C.
D Williams Gemini B.C.
T McHale Shadoxhurst C.R.C.
D Lamb Gemini B.C.
A Avis San Fairy Ann C.C.
D Laidlow Wigmore C.C.
J Longbottom San Fairy Ann C.C.
E Mackey Medway Velo Club
R Murray Gravesend C.C.
A Obbard Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
D Robb Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
A Sheather Thanet R.C.
M Sladden Thanet R.C.
S Smith Woolwich C.C.
C Kuri Medway Velo Club
G Jones C.C. Bexley
J Clifford Thanet R.C.
D Crow Thanet R.C.
M Crow Thanet R.C.
I Daniels Thanet R.C.
J Duckworth Folkestone and District C.C.
M Estick Medway Velo Club
I Hickman San Fairy Ann C.C.
G Hodgson San Fairy Ann C.C.
M Howard Leo R.C.
D Weekes C.C. Bexley


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