RESULT for the 1969 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

Roy Cromack Clifton C.C.
Roy Manser San Fairy Ann C.C.
Ivor Hickman San Fairy Ann C.C.
Alan Ambrose West Kent R.C.
Lou Maxted East Kent C.C.
Roger Travers Wigmore C.C.
Dave Bedford Faversham C. and A.C.
Budge Doherty Thanet and Canterbury C.C.
Pete Swetman East Surrey R.C.
R Corby Norwood Paragon C.C.
Rod Overton San Fairy Ann C.C.
Ken Carver Wigmore C.C.
Alan Saunders East Kent C.C.
Ron Hayward Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
Pete Ashby East Surrey R.C.
Mike Kneller Thanet and Canterbury C.C.
F Godwin Brighton Excelsior C.C.
John Longbottom San Fairy Ann C.C.
Paul Welch Gravesend C.C.
Brian Gifford Faversham C. and A.C.
Normon Worsfold East Surrey R.C.
R Roach Catford C.C.
Giff Cooper Wigmore C.C.
Pete Crowsley Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
Charlie Kuri Medway Velo Club
Charlie Damyon Woolwich C.C.
Jack Mummery San Fairy Ann C.C.
Geoff Gurney Medway Velo Club
Clint Maisey Wigmore C.C.
Andy Avis San Fairy Ann C.C.
Gladys Mills (Mrs) Mercury C.C.
Peggy Earnshaw (Mrs) Folkestone and District C.C.
B Vaughan Wigmore C.C.
B Toghill Brighton Excelsior C.C.
K Ratcliffe East Kent C.C.
G Martin Wigmore C.C.
D Lloyd Thanet and Canterbury C.C.
R Kings Thornhill C.C.
R Howard Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
J Ferguson R.C. Dover
R Drury Chelmer C.C.
P Cudmore Colchester Rovers C.C.
K Cattermole Norwood Paragon C.C.
A White Bracknell and District C.C.


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