RESULT for the 1968 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

G R Jones San Fairy Ann C.C. 2.12.04 4.44.38
C K Ratcliffe East Kent R.C.
R A Overton San Fairy Ann C.C. 2.12.14 4.51.12
I W Hickman San Fairy Ann C.C. 2.14.16 4.55.22
Graham Orchard Southborough and District Wheelers C.C. 2.17.54 5.02.05
R J Travers Wigmore C.C. 2.24.22 5.10.57
P M Selvey C.C. Bexley 2.16.45 5.06.00
Mike Kneller Thanet and Canterbury R.C. 2.19.25 5.05.50
G D Hamilton Bromley C.C. 2.24.43 5.14.22
C J Bellamy Ashford Wheelers C.C. 2.16.29 5.19.57
P J Crowsley Southborough and District Wheelers C.C. 2.30.44 5.17.33
N W Worsfold East Surrey R.C. 2.30.06 5.30.40
J E King C.C. Bexley 2.22.13 5.23.07
Roy Canning C.C. Bexley 2.27.34 5.22.50
J S Healey Medway Velo Club 2.40.02
R H Roach Catford C.C. 2.19.45 5.28.30
C K Kuri Medway Velo Club 2.33.23 5.31.59
D M Rodd Cheltenham and County C.C. 2.31.41 5.23.46
John Bishop Wigmore C.C. 2.23.19 5.23.39
G Gurney Medway Velo Club 2.32.38 5.34.40
J Mummery San Fairy Ann C.C. 2.34.32 5.46.36
J R Hudd East Surrey R.C. 2.23.26 5.34.35
P C Ashby East Surrey R.C. 2.37.09
Clint Maisey Wigmore C.C. 2.30.02 5.35.19
F H Ford Medway Velo Club 2.30.17 5.36.11
M J Seago Wigmore C.C. 2.32.59
V J Williams Medway Velo Club 2.37.35 5.52.49
M Smith San Fairy Ann C.C. 2.43.32
P A Reynolds C.C. Bexley 2.40.19
D J Robb Southborough and District Wheelers C.C. 2.35.05 5.53.07
K Graham Wigmore C.C. 2.54.29
Wilma Webb (Mrs) Folkestone and District C.C.
Peter Ralph San Fairy Ann C.C. 2.31.55
R D Pett Medway Velo Club 2.36.13 0
R C Moppett Wigmore C.C.
Mick Mills Ashford Wheelers C.C. 2.24.42 5.09.15
Frank Marshall Folkestone and District C.C.
Brian Heasman C.C. Bexley 2.42.56 6.02.07
B Dalton Delta R.C. 2.32.27
D R Bedford Faversham C. and A.C. 2.14.03 5.01.43
Alan Ambrose West Kent R.C.
A White Bracknell and District C.C.


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Result Sheet

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Event Secretary (KCA) :
Les Hayman
Handicapper :
W Dunford
Timekeeper (Senior) :
Tom Bray
Timekeeper :
Ian Masterson
Timekeeper :
Pete Baker
Timekeeper :
Frank Marshall
Timekeeper :
Ron Powell
Timekeeper :
Pete Avis
Timekeeper :
Warwick Dunford
Timekeeper :
Dave Nash
Timekeeper :
Les Ambrose
Timekeeper :
Jim Lambie
Timekeeper :
Arthur Wilson
Timekeeper :
George Bowles
Timekeeper :
John Ward
Timekeeper :
Peter Stone
Timekeeper :
Neville Cording
Marshall (Last Man) :
Dick Robbins
Marshall (Last Man) :
Dave Chapman
Result Board :
Peter Buss