RESULT for the 1954 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

P Stone West Kent R.C.
L Hitch Medway Wheelers
R Kingston Kent R.C.
R Charlton Medway R.C.
H Bonsor Eltham Paragon C.C.
S Phillips Kent R.C.
R Hayward Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
J Denham Folkestone C.C.
J Daniel Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
S Stacey Kent R.C.
P Featherstone Sittingbourne C.C.
W Woodruff Thanet R.C.
E Myhill Kent R.C.
A Binks Thames R.C.
R Ball Dartford Wheelers
L Hayman Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
S Clements Thanet R.C.
C Staff Wigmore C.C.
D Palmer Bromley R.C.
R Martin Hadrian C.C.
A Bathurst Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
L Chambers Medway Wheelers
R Baynham Thanet R.C.
J King Thames R.C.
R Self West Kent R.C.
F Jackson San Fairy Ann C.C.
A Elliott Medway Wheelers
J Lawrence Bromley R.C.
M Walton Sittingbourne C.C.
S Temple Folkestone C.C.
R Crane Ruxley Wheelers
D Butcher Gravesend C.C.
D Smith Herts and Essex
T Tutt Folkestone C.C.
J Smith West Kent R.C.
A Sheather Canterbury C.C.
R Bridger San Fairy Ann C.C.
C Carr Kent R.C.
G Wilkins Ruxley Wheelers
T Thompon Mephisto C.C.
L Howard Southern Roads
C Parham San Fairy Ann C.C.
A Stoneham Dartford Wheelers
D Ivey South Eastern R.C.
R Dunster Mephisto C.C.
E Stagg Old Ports
P Huggett Redmon C.C.
D Wilson Bromley R.C.
J Southerden Hastings and St.Leonards C. and A.C.
N Tarling Dartford Wheelers
S Hayward Kentish Wheelers
R Harker Gravesend C.C.
J Healey Medway Wheelers
H Chaney Gravesend C.C.
J Reeve Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
F Miles West Kent R.C.
A Williams Ruxley Wheelers
R Edmeades Bromley R.C.
R Seaton South Eastern R.C.
B Grant Hadrian C.C.
D Lamb Mercury C.C.
L Smaldon South Eastern R.C.
J Ranger Ruxley Wheelers
A Pursey Medway R.C.
H Prior Kent R.C.
J Powell Ruxley Wheelers
R Pincrole Ashford Wheelers C.C.
K O'Connor Gravesend C.C.
F Rivett West Kent R.C.
A Roling San Fairy Ann C.C.
G Saunders Cambrian C.C.
J Smith Kent R.C.
R Sutton Dartford Wheelers
K Varnell Dartford Wheelers
H Wiltshire Kent R.C.
A Wright Canterbury C.C.
F Nash Mephisto C.C.
J Llewellyn Eltham Paragon C.C.
D Jones Eltham Paragon C.C.
G Brown Welbex R.C.
R Burgess Ashford Wheelers C.C.
R Cary Sittingbourne C.C.
M Challinger Mephisto C.C.
R Chambers Mercury C.C.
L Chaney Gravesend C.C.
R Clare Medway Wheelers
L Cooper Kent R.C.
F Ford San Fairy Ann C.C.
J Hall Medway Wheelers
D Holmes Eltham Paragon C.C.
F Hurley Eltham Paragon C.C.
C Jones Rodney C.C.
C Blake Gravesend C.C.


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