RESULT for the 1949 event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

A Wright Canterbury C.C.
H Daniels Canterbury C.C.
W Fagg Canterbury C.C.
A Roling Medway R.C.
H Barton Catford C.C.
G Larson West Kent R.C.
T Roberts Catford C.C.
S Spence Woolwich C.C.
R Connolly Woolwich C.C.
G Bolwell West Kent R.C.
R Collins Woolwich C.C.
E Jelley Woolwich Polytechnic
R Barnard Medway R.C.
R Brier Catford C.C.
C Tappenden Woolwich Polytechnic
P Snelson Thames R.C.
A Jarrett Deal R.C.
B Grant Cambrian C.C.
K Rawlings Cambrian C.C.
K Luck Woolwich Polytechnic
R Harker Gravesend C.C.
F Rivett West Kent R.C.
J Walker Woolwich Polytechnic
L Day Woolwich Polytechnic
S Hinton Catford C.C.
F Howe Cambrian C.C.
D French Gravesend C.C.
R Wickens Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
F Baker Sittingbourne C.C.
E Tapsell Catford C.C.
C Juniper Gravesend C.C.
K O'Connor Gravesend C.C.
E Pilford Thames R.C.
H Musk West Kent R.C.
I Paverly Mercury C.C.
R Holloway Woolwich Polytechnic
J Ward West Kent R.C.
R Powell Hastings and St.Leonards C. and A.C.
J Cox Deal
V Cannell Catford C.C.
T Mills Mercury C.C.
E Hall Sittingbourne C.C.
L Birmingham Mercury C.C.
J Hayward West Kent R.C.
W Walsh Catford C.C.
J Southerden Hastings and St.Leonards C. and A.C.
J Uckland Catford C.C.
F Megee Deal R.C.
P Newman Deal
H Pierson Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
A Richardson San Fairy Ann C.C.
D Searle West Kent R.C.
T Vietch San Fairy Ann C.C.
J Walsh Catford C.C.
C Watson Woolwich Polytechnic
F Hessenthaler West Kent R.C.
G Haywatd West Kent R.C.
J Harrison San Fairy Ann C.C.
F Barnard Medway R.C.
G Barnett Woolwich C.C.
S Blanche Dartford
L Fisher Woolwich Polytechnic
F Ford Medway R.C.
J Fox Mercury C.C.
J Fuller Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
A Harrison Medway R.C.
D Whittaker Canterbury C.C.


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