RESULT for the 1947 NCU event



Name Club 50 Mile
100 Mile

R Enfield Medway Wheelers
P Beardsmore Medway Wheelers
K Joy Medway Wheelers
B Baker Medway Wheelers
R Collins Woolwich C.C.
A Wright Canterbury C.C.
H Mills Gravesend C.C.
R Foster Medway Wheelers
F Jackson Medway Wheelers
R Potter Sittingbourne C.C.
A Warburton Woolwich C.C.
R Wellerd Gravesend C.C.
R Connally Woolwich C.C.
A Roling Medway R.C.
P Calkin Medway R.C.
T Harris Medway R.C.
S Hutchins Medway Wheelers
E Warburton Woolwich C.C.
G Samuel Medway R.C.
H Foster Gravesend C.C.
F Youens San Fairy Ann C.C.
J Murrell Medway R.C.
G Bray Medway R.C.
E Hodges Medway R.C.
G Stroud Medway Wheelers
R Abel Medway Wheelers
E Hall Sittingbourne C.C.
L Pique Medway R.C.
A Ring San Fairy Ann C.C.
A Bristow Medway Wheelers
A Harrison Medway R.C.
R Thomas Medway Wheelers
A Richardson San Fairy Ann C.C.
A Rhodes Medway R.C.
K O'Connor Gravesend C.C.
F Ford Medway R.C.
S Ellis Woolwich C.C.
W Cameron Medway R.C.
A Bond Canterbury C.C.
D Back Canterbury C.C.
B W Abel Medway Wheelers
D Whittaker Canterbury C.C.


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