The 12 Hour

The Kent Cycling Association hold an annual 12 hour time trial on the roads of Kent. The winner being the person who covers the greatest distance over the set course in 12 hours. A list of winners can be found here.

Why provide an archive of a single cycling event? The '12' has become an institution for Kent cyclists. It provides an excuse each year to meet up with old friends. It is also apparent that across the country the '12' hour event has lost popularity. Fewer are run each year, and the KCA is one of the last in the country, and is, indeed, the only 12 hour time trial run south of the Thames.

We hope you find the site interesting, and informative whether you are just perusing or looking for some specific information. If you want to be mentioned on these pages simply ride the KCA 12 hour. Details of this year's event can be found on the KCA 12 Hour site.

Geoff Bray 1948Previous visitors will notice that this is the first update of the site for several years. The problem has been dealing with the volume of information. The new site sits on a powerful database that allows much more functionality and a significant improvement in how the data can be managed.

While you are looking through the archive we would be grateful if you could highlight any errors. We know for instance that the list of winners details does not agree in every instance with the result sheet we have obtained (1954 has different winners between the result sheet and list of winners; 1989 has Mark Vowells completing over 240 miles, while the result sheet only shows 236). These discrepancies have been left as a reminder that they need to be resolved.


We are indebted to Geoff Bray who provided a substantial amount of the information contained within this site. We are also extremely grateful to cyclists across the globe for providing information. John Palmer, now living in Canada, provided the 1961 result sheet. Dave Richards sent in the 1965 result all the way from South Australia. George Rogers provided 1962. Dave Saffrey managed to fill some gaps in the 90's and provided the 1949 result. Ron Difelice (Scotland) provided a great pile of 12 hour related material covering the 1970s and Bob Burden came up with result sheets from the 1950s.

The Archive

The Archive covers a seventy year period from 1932 to the present day. There are several events for each decade.

Each tab on the top of the page accesses a summery page from here you can click on any of the data shown and see what appears.

What Next?

We will continue to track down the remaining result and start sheets, course details and photographs. In the meantime we have to:

How Can you Help?

If you have any start sheets, result sheets, course details, pictures or other records of the events then we would like to add them to the Archive. All material will be returned if necessary. Material can be e-mailed to:

or posted to:

Tim Carpenter, 8 Breer Street, London SW6 3HD


I have uploaded Albums for 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 events. You can access 2008 here

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In loading the data on to the webiste the results for 2009 and 2008 were switched. This has now been corrected.The 2010 Result has now been added to the

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The new test website for the KCA 12 Hour is now live. It takes the dozens of events and thousands of rides and combines them in an interactive site. You can find out almost anything about the

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