The following lists by distance all riders who had completed within 5 miles of 261 MILES. The further options are:

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Event Position Name Club Distance

Garry Banfield Kent Cycles R.C.
I Silvester San Fairy Ann C.C.
Andy Miles VC Elan
K Williams San Fairy Ann C.C.
C Hopkinson Matlock C.C.
Roy Cromack Clifton C.C.
Peter Pav Bryan Rye & District Wheelers CC
Garry Banfield Kent Cycles R.C.
C Roshier Hounslow and District Wheelers
A A Meilak West Kent R.C.
Paul Holdsworth Hounslow and District Wheelers
Brian Walker Team Swift - Allsports
James Hughes Bec CC
T Bayley V.C. Deal
Colin Parkinson South Western RC - Evans Cycles/Pinnacle
M Whitehead V.C. Deal
Garry Banfield Kent Cycles R.C.
Keith Coffey Bec C.C.
Mike Rothwell Manchester Wheelers CC
Carl Chapman GS Invicta
M R Whitehead V.C. Deal
Gary Chalkely San Fairy Ann C.C.
T Bayley V.C. Deal
Richard Masters Wigmore C.C.
Lawrence Wintergold Hounslow & District Wheelers
B R Philips Leo R.C.