The following list is of Clubs that have had riders competing in the KCA 12 Hour. Click on a club to see a list of riders, their distances and the year they rode.


34th Nomads C.C.
34th Nomads/C.P. Hart
34th Nomads/Melray
7 Oaks Tri
Abello-SFA Racing Team
Acme Wheelers
Addiscombe C.C.
Addiscombe CC
Amersham Road CC
Andover Wheelers
Annerley B.C.
Apollo C.C.
Apollo R.T.
Aprire Bicycles RT
Army C.C.
Army C.U.
Ashford Wheelers - Chaverleys
Ashford Wheelers C.C.
Ashford Wheelers CC
Aylesbury C.C.
Balham C.C.
Banbury Star C.C.
Bayeux Cycling Team
Bayeux Landscapes
Bec C.C.
Bec CC
Blackfen Wheelers
Bossard Wheelers
Bracknell and District C.C.
Brighton Excelsior C.C.
Brighton Mitre
Brighton Mitre CC
Bristol South C.C.
Bromley C.C.
Bromley R.C.
Buccaneers C.C.
C.C. Bexley
C.C. Breckland
C.T.C. West Surrey
Cambrian C.C.
Cambrian Wheelers
Canning Town T.C.
Canterbury C.C.
Catford C.C.
Catford CC
CC Bexley
CC Breckland
CC Hackney
Central Sussex C.C.
Charlotville C.C.
Chelmer C.C.
Cheltenham and County C.C.
Chippenham & District Wheelers
Chippenham and District Wheelers
Clarencourt C.C.
Clifton C.C.
Club Cyclopark
Colchester Rovers C.C.
Concorde C.R.C.
Congleton C.C.
Crawley Wheelers
Crusaders C.C.
Dartford Wheelers
DCB Kent
De Laune C.C.
De Laune CC
Deal R.C.
Deal Tri
Deeside Thistle
Delta R.C.
Derby Mercury C.C.
Didcot Phoenix
Didcot Phoenix C.C.
Diss and Dist Whs
Dover C.C.
Dulwich Paragon
Dulwich Paragon C.C.
East Grinstead C.C.
East Grinstead CC
East Grinstead Tri
East Grinstead Tri Club
East Kent C.C.
East Kent R.C.
East Surrey R.C.
Eastbourne Rovers C.C.
Eastbourne Rovers CC
Elizabethan C.C.
Eltham Paragon C.C.
Faversham C. and A.C.
Feltham R.C.
Flitch Crono
Folkestone and District C.C.
Folkestone C.C.
Ford C.C.
Gemini B.C.
Gemini BC
Glendene C.C.
Gloucester City CC
Gravesend C.C.
GS Avanti
GS Gazzetta
GS Invicta
GS Stella
Hadrian C.C.
Hainault Roads
Halifax R.C.
Hampshire R.C.
Hampshire RC
Harborough Concorde C.C.
Hastings & St Leonards CC
Hastings & St.Leonards CC
Hastings and St.Leonards C. and A.C.
Hastings and St.Leonards C.C.
Hereford Wheelers
Herts and Essex
High Wycombe C.C.
Hillingdon C.C.
Hitchin Nomads
Hitchin Nomads C.C.
Hounslow & District Wheelers
Hounslow and District Wheelers
In-Gear R.T.
Kent Cycles R.C.
Kent Fire Brigade C.C.
Kent Group (VTTA)
Kent R.C.
Kentish Wheelers
Kingsnorth International
Kingston Phoenix
Kingston Phoenix R.C.
Kingston Phoenix RC
Kingston Wheelers
Knaresborough Racing Team
Lea Valley CC
Leo R.C.
Lewes Wanderers
Lewes Wanderers C.C.
Lewes Wanderers CC
Lincoln Wheelers
Lincoln Wheelers C.C.
Lincoln Wheelers CC
London Coureurs
London Fire Brigade C.C.
Long Valley C.C.
Maidenhead & District CC
Maldon & District C.C.
Maldon and District C.C.
Manchester Wheelers C.C.
Manchester Wheelers CC
Maplescombe Wheelers
Matlock C.C.
Medway R.C.
Medway Velo
Medway Velo Club
Medway Wheelers
Medway Y.H.G.
Mephisto C.C.
Mercury C.C.
Mildenhall C.C.
Nat West Bank C.C.
No Club Shown
Norfolk R.C.
North Kent Triathelon Club
North Norfolk Wheelers
North Over Vets Team
North Road C.C.
Norwood Paragon C.C.
Norwood Paragon CC
Old Porthians
Old Portlians
Old Portlians CC
Old Ports
Optimum Performance R.T. (Power Bar Tri Tech)
Orpington C.R.C.
Oxford City RC
Oxford City Road Club
Oxford University
Oxonian C.C.
Oxonian CC
Paddington C.C.
PMR@Toachim House
Polhill R.C.
Preston Wheelers
Private Member
R.A.F. C.C.
R.C. Dover
R.N. C.R.C.
Rapha Cycle Club
Reading C.C.
Redditch Road and Path C.C.
Redhill C.C.
Redhill CC
Redmon C.C.
Rodney C.C.
Ross Wheelers
Ross-on-Wye Dist C.C.
Rother Valley C.C.
Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cycling Association
Ruxley Wheelers
Rye & District Wheelers CC
Rye and District Wheelers C.C.
San Fairy Ann C.C.
San Fairy Ann CC
Shadoxhurst C.R.C.
Shaftesbury C.C.
Sheppey Eagles
Sherwood Pines Cycles -
Sittingbourne C.C.
Somer Valley C.C.
South Eastern R.C.
South Western R.C.
South Western RC - Evans Cycles/Pinnacle
Southborough & District Wheelers
Southborough and District Wheelers C.C.
Southend Wheelers
Southern Roads
Southgate C.C.
Spartan Wheelers C.C.
Sussex Nomads
Sussex Nomads C.C.
Swan Velo
Sydenham Wheelers
Sydenham Wheelers CC
T.A. London East
T.A. S.E. Region
Team 2000
Team 2000 - Pearsons Cycles/Sony Centre
Team Asl360
Team Clean
Team Clean Freshstart
Team JD Cycles
Team Larkfield Cycles
Team Swift - Allsports
Tenterden C.C.
Thames R.C.
Thanet and Canterbury C.C.
Thanet and Canterbury R.C.
Thanet R.C.
Thanet R.C./Britsport
Thanet RC
Thornhill C.C.
Thornton R.C.
Thornton RC
TM Racing
Tri Spirit Team
Truro CC
Twickenham C.C. (Evans Cycles/Collins Bldrs)
Twickenham CC
University of Bath Triathlon Club
V.C. Deal
V.C. Deal - Caffyns Motor Contracts PLC/Teknofuel
V.C. Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
V.C. Etoile
V.C. Etoile 
VC Bayeux
VC Deal
VC Elan
VC Elan - Harry Perry Cycles
VC Godalming and Haslemere
Vegeterian C and A.C
Viking Wheelers
Walsall Roads C.C.
Warwickshire R.C.
Welbex R.C.
West Croydon Wheelers
West Kent R.C.
West Kent RC
West Suffolk Wheelers
Westerley R.C.
Weybridge Wheelers C.C.
Whitewebbs C.C./Watkins
Wigmore C.C.
Wigmore CC
Willesden CC
Woolwich C.C.
Woolwich Polytechnic
Worthing Excelsior
Worthing Excelsior C.C.
Wrekinsport C.C. (Parker Mail Order/Met/Carnac)
Wren Wheelers
Yorkshire R.C.